Back To The Books

From the title of this post you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve been studying.  That’s exactly what I haven’t been doing.  I’ve had a mildly profitable and short night at the tables, finishing a little over £10 up.  However, I failed to cash in any of three 180 player sit and go tournaments on PokerStars, with the cash tables once again winning out in the battle of tournaments vs cash.  There are probably quite a few hands I could go over and analyse but to be honest, I don’t think it’s the best thing I could do right now.

I’m going to go to bed attempting to feel pleased with a small profit, along with the reminder that I really need to work hard at this stuff, and that striking a balance between table time and study is vital.  I really don’t think I played well in any of the tournaments and I didn’t feel confident.  I may have a little time available tomorrow evening and I think I need to use it to get back to the training program.


2 thoughts on “Back To The Books

  1. Yeah I am playing both at the same time, and my theory for it is based on exactly what you say; that tournaments really can be frustrating. It sucks to spend hours on a tournament and get killed by a cooler out of the money, or even before the money gets interesting. I can’t ignore the fact that when I played poker as my sole income, it was fixed limit cash that put me in that position. I can totally see why a lot of people hate it, but my knowledge is good, even if everyone else has got a lot better and forced me back down the limits.

    I had my first losing night since starting the training program last night and played a few tournaments earlier culminating in a small loss. Total loss just over $40. I’ve just sat down with two low limit cash tables at a time when there are plenty of soft tables on PokerStars and made my money back from both losing sessions plus a bit in… er… hang on let me check Poker Tracker…. 26 minutes.

    Tournaments are great, they offer big rewards, but I’m a grinder. Simply looking for one really big score that might never come just isn’t me. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking for that score, I just don’t want to waste my life doing it. So what I’m trying to do is play a varied range of tournaments. At the beginning of middle to larger tournaments I’m focusing mainly on a single cash table (or sometimes two if I’ve got one sewn up and it gets formulaic), and then close the cash and switch my focus to the tournament(s) when it gets closer to the money and loads of players tighten up.

    I’m trying to play around with them a bit and see what I can achieve and how players react to different moves – there’s a lot of learning to be done. I’ve got an interesting hand with a 4-bet bluff (that indirectly busted me out of a tournament) that I’m going to do a post about in a bit. Watch this space!

    Blimey, I think that counts as a post within a comment!

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