Poker Tracker 4 Has Arrived!!!

It feels like Christmas as a kid, that moment of anticipation before the wrapping gets ripped off a long awaited present when you already know what’s inside.  And it’s not from Auntie Judy, and it’s not another pair of socks.  This is the big one.  The games console.  The bike.  The puppy.  Oh who am I kidding, I never got presents like that.  I’d sob for my misconception of a neglected youth, but I’m just too damned excited.

Not only did I receive an email telling me that the all singing, all dancing, all new version of Poker Tracker had been released, but they also told me I could get a massive discount of 70% because I already have a licence for version 3.  Bargain!

I’ve downloaded the software but not bought the licence yet because I’m hoping (possibly quite cheekily) that they might also let me add the Omaha licence at a discounted price.  I’d like to get into Omaha but I don’t have the licence for version 3 of the software, so the discounted upgrade doesn’t include it.

It’s installing as I type.  It’s also just gone 2am, way too late for a proper game, but I can have a little play with it.  That’s okay isn’t it?  For the sake of my daughter’s morning entertainment, I’ve got to make sure I get to bed before 3am…


Skill Beats Luck in Legal Battle!

Yes folks, it’s true!  American poker players have long been waiting for a ruling like this since Black Friday in April last year.  Americans have been barred from the vast majority of online poker sites since the United States v. Scheinberg ruling declared that providing online poker to Americans was a federal offence.  Check out the wikipedia page for more of the background.

I don’t know about you, but I have to say I very much miss them!  America has a massive pool of players that frankly, I want to play against. Apart from anything else is the geography of the whole thing.  I live in the UK which means that essentially the later it gets in the evening for me, the less people are playing, as they are all on either the same time zone as me or ahead of me.

Now it looks like they could be back.  A judge in the US has ruled that poker is a game more based on skill than it is on luck.  If the Americans are allowed back there should be as many people coming on to the site as leaving, all throughout my evening and night.  14 hour stints could feasibly be back on the cards.  Blimey.

Check out the Economist’s take on things.

Full Tilt Bought and Paid For

The debacle that was Full Tilt Poker has been bought by PokerStars, increasing the giant’s prowess over the online poker world.  They have vowed to pay all of Full Tilt’s short changed players, so it looks little old me gets my little old stake back. Great news for the triplebarrelkid – I seem to remember it was about 4 dollars…