Poker Books

Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth

This is the book that I first read when I was learning poker back in 2002. I was working as a croupier, dealing roulette and blackjack. A colleague was making a killing playing poker online and was nearly at the point of quitting the casino job to go pro. He left a copy of this in the staff room for me so I dipped into it fairly religiously on each of my breaks. When it came to buying my own copy I had to get it shipped in from America. The UK bookshops at the time only had about 2 or 3 poker titles on their shelves. How things have changed.



Winning Low-Limit Hold’em by Lee Jones
I heard about Lee Jones’ book when I already felt quite established in earning a consistent profit at fixed limit holdem. He describes one of the types of ‘people who should read this book’ as:
“You’re holding your own in low-limt hold’em games. Occasionally, players will get up and leave when they see you sit down. Nevertheless, you think that you might be missing an extra bet or two every session.” That fitted me perfectly at the time, and it felt quite good that I was at the upper end of readers of any particular book.  A lot of what was in there I was already familiar with, but there were some concepts that definitely sharpened my game. Thinking back to that time now the thing about players getting up and leaving points out a stark difference between the world of online poker then and now.  I used to play on the Cryptologic network (aka Wagerlogic) exclusively, and when I first started out they only had a single table for each type.  So if that table was full you couldn’t look for another without changing limits or game type, you had to just sit on the waiting list.  It meant that you were a lot more likely to encounter the same players over and over again. It also didn’t have a notes system, so I found a way to get an edge on everyone else by having a folder with pages of notes for each player.  Craziness.

– – – More books to follow – – –


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