The Wanderer Returns


Life has somewhat overtaken poker recently.  I’ve been amazed how little it is possible to play and still remain sane.  I’ve heard it said that some people never play, but I’m far too long in the tooth to believe that sort of rubbish.

But in the last few months I’ve been so busy I’ve barely been able to open the software before I’m called back into action.  I separated from my partner a few months back and ever since I’ve been trying to balance bringing up my daughter during the day, with finding enough work in the evenings and weekends.  I landed myself a job as a roadie which covers most weekends, I’m working ad hoc for a small financial research company (handily owned by a friend) and I’m getting a few life coaching clients too.  It’s all self employed and as far removed from working for the man as makes me happy.

So life feels good, and I find myself daydreaming of the potential my future holds.  The reality is that I have lots of demands on my time at the moment, so the time I dedicate to playing poker, like anything else that I do, needs to be utilised in the best way possible.  I have been guilty in the past of putting the dream of getting back to earning my living through poker, as a priority over virtually everything other than my daughter.  Even over my own well being.  That has to change.  No one should put so many eggs in one basket, especially one that has been languishing so long in the depths of mediocrity, and in the situation, has no chance of escaping.

What’s most significant in poker terms about my change in personal life, is that although I don’t have much money as my working hours are limited, I can just about afford to get through life without skimming off the top of my bankroll.  This is new territory for me.  I want to build my bankroll and move up the levels – something I have unintentionally never allowed myself to do before.

It’s quite exciting…